The Florati font is based on the wood block carvings of the great printers of the early period of printing prior to 1525 with most prior to 1500 the true Incunabula period. Some of the printers were: Thomas de Blavis, André Bocard, William Caxton, Michael Furter, Hans van Ghetelen, Gregory De Gregoriis, Georg Husner, Georg Leeu, Heinrich Knoblochtzer, Pincius, Johann Prüss, Henry Quentell, Friedrich Riedrer, Hieronymus de Sanctis, Jörg Schapf, Anton Sorg, Joannes Tacuinus de Tridino, Wagner (Nurnberg), Antoine Verard, Wynken de Worde, Günther Zainer, and Gottfried Zedler. Whether or not they were the actual craftsman that cut these letters or had other master cutters make the cuttings for them is an open question.

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